New partnership forged!


We are happy to announce that we have forged a partnership with a fellow company named Mentopolis Consulting & Software Concepts GmbH which will allow us to offer our customers much more in the field of TA (testing automation). ¸

The biggest gain for us and our customers is that from now on we are able to integrate out TA solutions into their KIG test automation suite. TA suite Keep It Green (KIG) manages the complete TA lifecycle (development, administration and control) in operations and delivers ready-made test sets (pre-assembled and parameterizable) as well as TA methods (exclusive KIG libraries and high-performance EEP programming) to increase TA productivity, facilitate maintainability, and enable high reuse adaptively. Using the KIG test automation suite will shorten the testing process time and make it more customer friendly by using the KIG test automation TA Studio which can be used to call available test administration objects and adjust the test execution configuration.

Our customers can now also benefit from the opportunity to use a variety of interfaces, automation engines, office engines, etc..  We are most certain that by having a high level QA (Quality Assurance) our clients products will have a high level of BA (Business Assurance) as well, which results in having bug free products and increases the company image. Our partners can help us with their EggPlant integration which uses AI to make testing smarter and faster.

We hope to have a long and fruitful partnership with Mentopolis.

The perfectglue team

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