A framework that,

An open source testrunner automation framework that provides real-time reports and status. It's fully customizable to satisfy all your needs and presents a perfect glue between business and IT test alignment.

Features Galore

Perfectglue makes testing easy for business side as well as the IT side of your company. Check out our features below. 
Customizable Automation

A fully customizable framework to satisfy all your testing needs. Al the elements are designed to work nice together, and offer countless possibilities of usage to give you the perfect experience.

Real time reports

Getting real time reports and status of your testing process is crucial to save time and plan the future testing scenarios. Perfect glue framework alows you to do so. 

Cloud Based

An open source framework that is always running and not interfering with your's company IT architecture. It assures you to get the job done when you want it and how you want it.

Friendly support

We work closely with customers to provide a high-standard of support, prompt bug fixes and general troubleshooting. We use our knowledge and experience to help you.

We'll include them seamlessly!

We are ready, our framework covers usage on premise as well as in cloud.

We can scale in every aspect!

Our framework is for free and can be easily adapted to your needs.

We got a proven concept to align business with IT, from requirement to delivery.

Our framework is open source and proven usable in no-time!

Frameworks supported by perfectglue


Features which are completely new on the market!

Everything you’ll need to automate your testing

We provide you the complete solution for testing automation. We can assist you from start to end of your testing process. You can use our open source framework by yourself, or hire us to adapt it according to your needs.

Do more with perfectglue

Our open source, fully customizable modular framework allows you to interface all of your systems together
 so you can tailor it to your needs and save time and money.


Fully Customizable


Real-Time Reports

Modular Components

Suits Your Needs

Well Documented

Friendly Support

Saves You Time

Open Source

“You could be working at almost twice the capacity”

Why test by hand, when you can do twice the work in half the time and use the spare time to have a nice holiday.

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Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding our open source
test automation framework.

The purpose is to offer an open source modular, tailor made, framework that can automate any kind of testing and save time and money. 

No. Perfect glue is an open source framework and it is completely free. You can download the source code from our github repository.

Pretty simple. Click the download button, pull the source code and start working with it.

It is fully adaptable to your systems, regardless what type of systems you use. This feature makes it so flexible that it can solve any problem regarding testing automation.

Sure. We are here to help. If you are not an IT expert, but you would like to implement perfectglue into your testing automation process, please feel free to contact us.